LAMBROS ATHANASSIOU & Co. Lp provides a wide range of services, such as:

  • Maintenance and Service of High Voltage Substations

  • Control and Maintenance of Automatic Reactive Power Compensation Switchboards (cos φ)
  • Maintenance and Service of Generator sets

Electrical Installation Certificates

Low and High Voltage

Electrical Installation Certificates

Certifies the safety of an internal electrical installation and is issued after inspection of the installation and a number of required electrical measurements.

Technical Safety Engineering Services

The assignment of a Technical Safety Engineer ...


is obligatory by Greek legislation to all companies, both private and public sector, that employ at least one person.

Repair and Service of Electric/geared motors

We can repair electric motors of any type or firm

Repair and Service of Electric/geared motors

Winding, ball bearing replacement, etc. We can repair electric motors of any type or firm

Electrical Installations Maintenance and Service

We carry out maintenance and...

Electrical Installations Maintenance and Service

repair of any electrical installation, in-site, with safety and reliability.

Additional Services

  • Construction of Low Voltage Substations and automation

  • Supply of Control Panels for industrial installations
  • Special Constructions (such as panels, cable terminal boxes, H.V. transformers)
  • Construction of panels for special industrial or other, purposes

Additionally, our expert trained technical crew can repair rubber conveyor belts and provide mobile technical crew to install, vulcanize and repair conveyor belts. Our personnel can also install straight and nonslip drum lagging and rollers.

Why choose our company

We provide direct and immediate services
We specialize in electrical installations with more than 40 years of experience
We offer customer-oriented services
We are partners with the most reliable and respected worldwide leading manufacturers
We provide cost effective solutions to our customers

Industrial automation systems

Low Voltage (L.V.) distribution panels with simple automation, remote controlled or not. PLC automation, SIEMENS Simatic series S7-300 or other brands, that include the necessary digital or analog inputs and outputs in order to receive the necessary signals and provide the appropriate electrical commands.