COBRA Group specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of conveyor belts and components for the material handling industry. The Group has a worldwide presence (France, Germany, Spain, U.K., Poland, Russia, U.S.A., China, Australia, India, South Africa, Chile, Mexico) with a large distribution network, being one of the worlds’ largest manufacturer of conveyor belts and belts for the mining industry. Additionally, COBRA Group is a worldwide leading group of companies in manufacturing fasteners and conveyor belts for the food industry.

Since September 2016, LAMBROS ATHANASSIOU & Co. Lp signed an exclusive representation contract with COBRA Group for Greece (DEPREAUX conveyor belts, GORO fasteners & GOSMART Accessories), aiming to provide a valuable and reliable partner for the promotion of these products in the Greek market.

COBRA Group is consisted by the following brands:

  • Depreux: Conveyor belts for opencast or underground mining and heavy-duty processing industries. Rubber conveyor belts (EP) with different types of plies (regular, fire-resistant, oil-resistant & steel-cord)

  • Goro: Fasteners for Conveyor belts

  • Transco: Conveyor belts for the agriculture and the food industry

  • Indi: Conveyor belts for transport and packaging industries

  • GoSmart: Components for conveyor belt systems operations optimization

  • Mossιer: Vulcanizing presses for jointing or repairing conveyor belts

Safety Conveyor or Elevator Belt for aboveground applications in compliance with European Standard EN12882

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Safety Conveyor Belt to be used underground, in compliance with European Standard EN14973

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Conveyor or Elevator belts for the transport of abrasive materials or with impact loading in ambient environment

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Conveyor or Elevator belt for the transportation of hot materials

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Conveyor and Elevator belts for the transport of material that contain mineral oil components

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