FOURGROUP developed Enerbox in its continuous effort to provide the market with a reliable and friendly to the environment operational unit of creating energy through various natural sources. Enerbox is a converter that converts the batteries’ low voltage in 230V alternating single phase stabilized voltage to energy applications. Connected with the main electric line supply switchboard, batteries are automatically charged providing a reliable source at any time in a case of a black out.

Enerbox is applicable for all single phase (230V) applications, domestic or industrial (electric motors, pumps, lights and ventilation systems)

In case of a temporary black out, Enerbox, supply the user/charge with a variable time autonomy. It is an expandable and modular system with several options. In order to preserve and increase batteries efficiency, the system keeps the control panel in stand-by mode until the final user intervention. Additionally, thanks to the integrated GSM, in case of failure or black out, Enerbox sends an SMS (up to 6 different recipients).

Batteries can also be charged by renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic panels or wind turbines. Enerbox is a stand-alone application suitable for distant places which have no stable or properly installed power supply. Its cover, is a smart and innovative designed metal box, with high thermal protection and good temperature dissipation.